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Is it German Shorthair Pointer, German Shorthaired Pointer, German Shorthair, or GSP?

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Gunrunner German Shorthair Pointers can be found from coast to coast
including Illinois, Missouri, Tennessee, Georgia, Texas, Louisiana, Florida, West Virginia, Maine, Wisconsin, Arizona, California, Alaska, Michigan, Iowa, Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana, as well as British Colombia and Europe. Give us a call today to reserve your GSP.

So whether you live in Washington, New Mexico, New York, North or South Carolina, Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Montana, Michigan, Minnesota, North or South Dakota, Oregon, Oklahoma, Utah or even Hawaii a German Shorthair (Shorthaired or GSP) is a perfect addition to your family.

No matter which title you give these versatile dogs, the majority would agree they are a perfect addition to any family whether you hunt or not. This breed has been around for more than 150 years and has been utilized in many different aspects (hunting birds, waterfowl, small game, deer, wounded animals, etc.). Today, many households simply find a GSP curled up next to their owner after a long day at work.

Despite the popularity and the long history of the German shorthaired pointer, the origins of this gun dog breed are sometimes vague and sketchy. Documents do support a fairly definite starting place and time for the beginnings of the breed. In the mid-19th century breeders in Germany set out to deliberately create a gun dog so versatile that it would hunt all species of upland gamebirds and waterfowl as well as all kinds of small game. In addition, this all-around canine would also scent track big game such as wild boar and wounded deer and find and dispatch predators like fox. The first attempt at creating the German shorthair, however, produced a mediocre dog with an oversized body and short legs. The disappointing original German shorthair was improved early on by the multiple infusions of more foreign gun dogs, particularly the English pointer and possibly the English setter. Consequently, by the early 1870s the breed type was established in Germany and termed the Deutsche Kurzhaar. By the late 1930s however the breed’s genetics were well established so that the German shorthaired pointer was termed and had generally become the dog it is today in form and function.

The original German emphasis on wide ranging versatility, however, was changed when the German shorthair came to North America, where hunters were more focused on gamebirds and less interested in small game mammals and big game animals. Though a breed organization such as the Deutsch Kurzhaar Club of North America still adheres to the original German ideals with their dogs, most other German shorthair breeding and testing groups, such as the German Shorthair Club of America and NAVHDA, have dropped the Continental emphasis on blood tracking, fierceness in dispatching predators and tracking big game, therefore creating the Shorthair we see today in America. In AKC Hunt tests or the testing programs of NAVHDA and UKC, the German shorthaired pointer is mainly seen as an upland gamebird and waterfowl dog and is primarily judged on its ability to search for, find, point, track, and retrieve pheasants, quail, grouse, partridge, and other upland gamebirds and to fetch any ducks or geese that fall on land or water. Many American bred German Shorthair’s are also bred for their temperament and ability to simply be a great personal companion and a smaller compact size such as seen here at Gunrunner German Shorthair that will hunt for longer periods and do to their smaller size are ideal for a household.

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