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We pride ourselves in taking the time to combine the highest quality dogs in order to have puppies that excel in not only looks, companionship, but also hunting ability. Here are just a few comments from our satisfied customers.

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Pedigrees Sire: Gunner   Dam: Annie   
Dam: Nellie
  Sire: CJ   Dam: Kate

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Remi:  8 Weeks

6 Months

GUNNER & ANNIE LITTER - We couldn't be happier with our pup from Gunrunner!! Remi's temperament and attitude is exactly what Randy and Guyla explained it would be. Remi is 6 months old now and her natural instinct is amazing. She is happiest running out in the field, but is such a great home dog as well. She gets along with all other dogs and has an unbelievable drive to make people happy. Her obedience training so far has been so easy and what we have done in the field I sometimes feel like I am the one being trained. Working with Randy and Guyla was a pleasure and they were so patient with all the requests for picture leading up to picking Remi up. Hands down would recommend Gunrunner to anyone and look forward to getting another pup from them some day. 5 STARS!! ~Mark and Kelly L.


8 Weeks

6 Months

GUNNER & NELLIE LITTER - The Pup is incredibly intelligent and obedient. He wants to learn and is great with the kids. He lives indoors with us. We are really happy and have fallen in love with him. ~Michael V.

Rusty: 8 Weeks

6 Months

GUNNER & ANNIE LITTER - Rusty is everything I’ve ever wanted in a dog. He’s a very good companion and great family pet. He loves being out in open pasture, adventuring and discovering new things. He’s my energizer bunny, full of energy and life. ~Jose G.

Ella: 8 Weeks

6 Months

GUNNER & NELLIE LITTER - Ella is a fantastically good pup. She is wonderful and we love her so much. We could not be happier. ~Carol B.

Penelope: 8 Weeks

Orville & Penelope - 6 Months

GUNNER & ANNIE LITTER - Penelope is doing very well. She is a very smart, well behaved puppy. She was house trained in a few days. We are very impressed with her personality. She is calm and listens well when she's at home, but also has good prey drive that we observed on a trip Arizona.

Orville turned 5 years in October. He is a great dog. He is very smart, learns commands, has great prey drive, and gets along well with everyone.

We are the envy of everyone when we're at Bass Pro!
~Trenton & Jess L.

Max: 8 Weeks

6 Months

GUNNER & NELLIE LITTER - We love our Max (Gunrunners Max DRC). I call him Magnificent Max because of his regal attitude but really he is secretly a big baby! He always stays close, but not underfoot. He likes his lovings but maintains his independence. Great dog, very intelligent. ~Dennis & Barb C.

Houghton: 8 Weeks

6 Months

GUNNER & ANNIE LITTER - Since we picked up our puppy in September (Annie and Gunner litter), we have had the most wonderful time with him.

Houghton has a great personality and we love him a ton. We constantly get compliments on what a good looking dog he is and also how sweet he is - our friends and family are in love with him, too! He currently enjoys going to the dog park, playing with friends (a few of our friends recently got dogs as well - it's great!), chasing rabbits in the yard, and cuddling up on the couch with us at the end of the day. We are so so so happy with our dog - thank you for the perfect additional to our family.
~Jeff & Jen D.

Mokie: 8 Weeks

6 Months

GUNNER & ANNIE LITTER - I know we couldn’t have made a bad pick with all the great pups we saw there – we’re more than happy with our pick of Mokie though…what a sweet dog. He moved right into our house and became immediate pals with our other dog – and romps and plays with our grandkids when they come to visit.. He’s well loved by our family – he loves us back just as much. We’ve been working with Mokie through the fall on field socialization and puppy play training – now progressing into handling well in the field and started whoa training. He has lots of natural abilities and is an athletic dog – loves to point – loves to fetch. ~Brian & Kim S.

Penny: 8 Weeks

6 Months

GUNNER & ANNIE LITTER - Penny has been a great addition to our family. She is smart and very affectionate. She is a beautiful dog whom my family has grown very attached to, including my two young kids. We are so thankful for finding such a great dog! ~Brett & Collin S.

Murphy: 8 Weeks

6 Months

GUNNER & NELLIE LITTER - It was love at first sight when we picked up Murphy. He is the perfect addition to our family and cozied up to our 2 year old weimaraner right away, they are now inseparable! Murphy is very high energy and can run and play for hours. He is extremely smart and eager to train and learn new tricks. We are so happy to have him. Thank you Randy and Guyla! ~Bernard & Tara C.

Woody:  8 weeks

Woody on a hunt in the UK

GUNNER & ANNIE LITTER - We just want to let you know how fantastic Woody is, he is a great dog and in fact, the best temperament we have ever seen and he is brilliant with our children too. He follows us everywhere and when we sit down, he is right there at our feet!!! Fraser has started him training and is just getting him back out into the field. ~Amanda

Lucy:  8 weeks

10 months

GUNNER & ANNIE LITTER - I never thought I could love a dog so much she is just amazing!!! We had a lot of fun on our first hunting season and even had some luck. The two of us are inseparable and she literally goes everywhere I go (except for work). ~Travis

Roscoe:  6 weeks

11 months

GUNNER & ANNIE LITTER - Roscoe is doing excellent. He is one of the best mannered dogs I know of (really...not just because he is my dog). I have been working with him since the day I got him. He understands hand signals. He understands whistle commands. He loves the water! He can out swim any other dog that has played with him...both in speed and distance. Take Care. Thanks for such an excellent dog. ~Brock

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