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We pride ourselves in taking the time to combine the highest quality dogs in order to have puppies that excel in not only looks, companionship, but also hunting ability. Here are just a few comments from our satisfied customers.

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Pedigrees Sire: Gunner   Dam: Annie   
Dam: Nellie
  Sire: CJ   Dam: Kate

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Here is a picture of Gunner Jr. He goes everywhere with me, thank you guys very much. ~ Nick S. (GUNNER AND NELLIE'S PUP)

Coltrane has been a wonderful addition to our family. He carries all of the traits that embody a solid GSP. He is very intelligent, has been fantastic with the kids, has boundless energy & curiosity outdoors, and loves to curl up at my side at the end of the day. He is also one of the most aesthetically beautiful shorthairs I have come across - people compliment him weekly. ~Jeff and Jill K (GUNNER & NELLIE LITTER.)

Jax is a beautiful dog, just all around unbelievable in all aspects. From hunting, lovable, and friendly. And of course SPOILED by my wife. ~Jay G (GUNNER & ANNIE LITTER.)

See another pic here.

We are highly impressed with Karma’s trainability. She does well meeting new people and other dogs. We can’t wait to get her hunting. We have already exposed her to a cap gun and she doesn’t flinch one bit. You breed wonderful GSP’s and we are very happy having one of your pups join our family. ~Adam and Erica G. (GUNNER & NELLIE LITTER.)

Doc is a year old now I had him out for a couple of hunts recently and he is progressing nicely. He has a lot of natural ability, what a great dog ~George P. (GUNNER & ANNIE LITTER.)

Fritz is amazing! Has learned to sit, come, look at us, let us know when he has to go potty, in spite of sub-zero weather, etc. Fritz is a truly superlative pup! We are truly delighted! ~Marjan S. (GUNNER & ANNIE LITTER.)

Kabela is doing great tho VERY SPOILED! She goes pretty much everywhere with us and loves the attention she gets. I work at a nursing home and also take her in there from time to time and the residents LOVE her... and of course she soaks in all the attention! I dont know what we would do with out her now! Thank you so much! ~Gunner & Savannah (GUNNER & ANNIE LITTER.)

The pup is doing great! He and the other dogs are getting along perfect...the cats not so much! We named him Bow. Thanks again... it was the best x-mas gift my husband could of gotten! ~Rhonda F..(GUNNER & ANNIE LITTER.)

We are extremely happy with Rylee. She has incredible intelligence and I am very impressed with her. She is a great retriever and loves to play fetch. She listens quite well and handles commands of sit, stay, whoa and even doing tricks of sitting up and standing, with a little coaxing. ~Jerry P. (GUNNER & ANNIE LITTER.)

(See recent pic of Rylee on the photo page.)


I couldn't be more pleased with Ozzy. He has a great temperament, fantastic looks, and strives to please. Ozzy goes to work with me almost everyday and the complements I receive about him never get old. He has lots of drive when we are outside, yet knows to "flip the switch" as soon as we get inside. He was quick to learn the "basic" obedience skills. Ozzy has been a great addition to the family and I look forward to many years in the field walking behind him. Thanks again, Ken H. (GUNNER & ANNIE LITTER.)
(See recent pic of Ozzy on the photo page.)

Gwenny is everything and more than I expected I couldn't be happier. Thanks Randy & Guyla. ~Scott C. (GUNNER & ANNIE LITTER.)

Orville is a learning at fast rate.  We've trained him to ring a bell when he needs to go out and we have taught him the "sit" and "shake" commands.  Our veterinarian has told us that he is as perfect of a german short hair pointer as he has ever seen. We couldn't ask for a better puppy. ~Trenton L. (GUNNER & ANNIE LITTER.)

(See recent pic of Orville here.)

Blue has been a great addition to our family. He is a lap dog inside and has a great nose outside. I couldn't be happier! ~Dave P. (GUNNER & ANNIE LITTER.)

(See recent pic of Blue on the photo page.)

Hi Randy and Guyla, just a quick note to let you know how Rollie is doing. We have had a great time with him, he seems to enjoy being outside, running around our backyard, Its clear you guys treated him like he was your family pet, and he is well versed in "fetch" and loves to play ball and bring back any toy he has. ~Jerry P. and Terri G. (GUNNER & ANNIE LITTER.)

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